We can come to you to deliver any of our session

Courses and seminars

1. Viability courses - Single day or 2 day course - tailored to the audience either combined DM and Policy, or individually. We can deliver to your authority or a group of authorities.
2. S106, CIL, & developer payments
3. How planning works- Plan Making and Development management
4. Development Management - Assessing planning applications- all you need to know
5. Planning conditions
6. Planning Enforcement
7. Planning Appeals
8. Neighbourhood planning
9. Policy and legislation updates
10. Local plan delivery - working together

If you want to arrange a programme of training over a year please contact us to arrange your package


If you want to hold a workshop in any aspect of planning and development with planners, councillors, community groups, stakeholders, developers or anyone involved in the planning process contact us to arrange an experienced facilitator.

Coaching and mentoring

There are many reasons you might seek mentoring or coaching - you may be in a new role, there are very specific challenges - department review/ process reengineering, if you are not a planner but have a responsibility for planning or you just want the opportunity to bounce ideas off an experienced planner and manager - get in touch